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TDS Educational Services

Supporting Your Child's Devlopement

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Social & Emotional Development 

We know that a child's social and emotional development  plays an integral part in their development.  We provide parents with resources on how to promote their child's social and emotional development. In addition, at each tutoring session we incorporate strategies that foster social and emotional development.

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Cognitive Development

Our model gives young learners  an opportunity to exercise their cognitive development using critical thinking skills. We provide tutoring services in reading, writing, math, and science. These skills are implemented with the expertise of a certified teacher in Early Childhood Education.  

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Language Development

Understanding that language development is a critical part of a young learners ability to  communicate. Young learners will be introduced to vocabulary and word meaning as they engage in content across multiple subjects during each tutoring session.

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Physical Development

A child's ability to exercise their physical development gives them confidence to move and explore the world around them. We promote physical development by providing families with fun movement ideas that promotes gross and fine motor skills.

Our Approach

TDS provides families with high quality support, and resources that focuses on their child's development as they continue to grow and learn from home, in private and public schools. Our unique tutoring services are given by an experienced certified teacher.  We pride ourselves on  meeting the needs of the "whole child". In doing this, we implement tutoring strategies that are  fun, engaging, and full of learning. Understanding the research on how young children learn best; our hands on play based approach allows young learners to make choices and be an active participant in their learning experience.  

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